Higher Sports Mastership School “Izmailovo” Moscow was established in May, 2001 according to the order of the Moscow Government. The School is the state, municipal sports educational and organizational-methodical establishment providing preparation of the Moscow’s strongest athletes, practicing game sports, and also their nearest reserve. The primary goal of the School – attraction of the optimum number of perspective athletes for the specialized (centralized) sports preparation, achievement of the high stable results, allowing to be a part of Russian national teams, teams of Super, Higher and First leagues of the National Championships and national teams of the Moscow city.

In the “IZMAILOVO” School is concentrated all nearest reserve of the Moscow city on the majority of the game sports entering into the program of the Olympic Games. In the present time in the School’s structure function the following branches: water polo (female and male), field hockey (female and male), volleyball (female and male), basketball (female), football (female), badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis, rugby and chess. Today in the School’s structure appear 223 athletes, three of them are Honored Masters of Sports of the Russian Federation, 28 athletes are Masters of Sports of the International Class and the International Grand Masters, 97 athletes are Masters of Sports of the Russian Federation and 119 athletes are candidates for the Master of Sports. There are 121 school’s athletes, who enters the national teams of Russia.

30 coaches of the higher qualification category works with the athletes, 18 of them have a prefix "Honored" and 10 are the coaches of Russian national and youth national teams (Frolov S.N., Perevalova M.P, Ogorodnikov А.С. – water polo, Shumilkin I.F. – badminton, Ilin J.M. – badminton for disabled persons, Bukatin M.L., Potapov O.J., Popov В.B. – field hockey, Ovsjannikov A.N. – sitting volleyball, Vishnjakov V.N – table tennis). In comparison with 2008 numerical structure of the Higher Sports Mastership School “Izmailovo” Moscow has increased by 35 %. In 2009 12 athletes became Champions of Russia, 37 sportsmen have won silver medals and 24 sportsmen – bronze.

During the current year the athletes of badminton for disable persons’ branch on the Surdolympic Games in Taipei have won the following awards: Artemiy Carpov – gold and silver medals, Valery Antonov, Alexander Vasilev and Yana Gerasimova – silver medals. Two athletes of the water polo branch have won gold medals of the Worlds Youth Championship (Alexandra Antonova and Diana Antonova) and five athletes became the winners of the European Youth Championship (Alexandra Antonova, Diana Antonova, Marina Kalyagina, Alexandra Melnikova, Lyudmila Berdnikova). The famous athlete of “Izmailovo” Moscow School, World Chess Champion Alexandra Kostenuk has won the gold medal of the World Cup of Fast Chess, Marina Romanko became the winner of the European Chess Championship (women) and Vladimir Malakhov has won the silver of the European Chess Championship (men). The athlete of the field hockey branch Nikolay Jankun became the silver prize-winner of the European Championship. Two athletes of the beach volleyball branch Ksenia Sukhareva and Maria Ushkova became bronze prize-winners of the World Youth Championship (women, U-19). Seven athletes of the sitting volleyball branch became bronze prize-winners of the European Cup: Julia Zakrevskaya, Tatyana Ivanova, Elena Kazakova, Elena Lebedeva, Olesya Ozerova, Lubov Permjakova and Irina Smirnova.

The School athletes are provided with the highly technological sports equipment, the training and game uniform for carrying out the training process.

According to the order of Moscow Sports Department in spring, 2009 on the basis of the Higher Sports Mastership School “Izmailovo” Moscow have been opened the experimental groups of initial sports preparation on the main kinds of sport in the establishment.

In May, 2010 field packing at the main sport complex of "Izmailovo" Moscow school has been finished, then the sport complex has been safely turn in operation.


Lastest results

Basketball. Women. European Youth Championship U20. Russia - Hungary. 64:52

Football. Team practice session for the World Summer Universiade 2013. Friendly Match. Russia (stud.) - United Kingdom (stud.) 2:4

Football. Team practice session for the European Championship 2013. Friendly Match. Team Russia - Wales (MW U19) 6:0

Water polo. Women. International tournament Dunaujvaros Cup. Russia 3rd place.

Football. Women. Russian student team - Youth Team Wales.. 4-0

Rugby. Men. Russian Championship Rugby-7. Round 2. "Slava-CSP" 2nd place

Water polo. Women. International tournament Dunaujvaros Cup. Netherlands - Russia 14-14.

Water polo. Women. International tournament Dunaujvaros Cup. Russia - Great Britain 19-13.

Football. Student Team Russia - National team of Ukraine. 2:2